About Us

Steve Hopcraft grew up in Rhode Island in the sixties, inspired by civil rights and antiwar leaders, he helped organize protests during high school and at the University of Rhode Island (URI).

After graduating from URI, and spending a year in postgraduate study at the University of Maryland, Steve moved to Berkeley in 1973, helping to lead a successful two-year rent strike. Steve left Berkeley for the Central Valley in August 1975, intending to spend a couple of weeks working on the United Farm Worker’s first-ever farmworkers’ union representation elections. Instead, Steve spent more than two years there, learning to speak Spanish in the fields while working as a bilingual paralegal and organizer. The growers and the Teamsters Union actively, sometimes violently, opposed the UFW, firing and harassing workers, and intimidating union leaders and staff. Steve later became Regional Director for the UFW’s statewide Proposition 14 campaign.

In 1977, Steve left the UFW for Sacramento and a position as a supervisor of California community organizers for the U.S. government’s Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) program. In 1978, Steve became legislative representative for CHAIN, California’s tenants’ rights group, helping lead post-Prop. 13 rent control and tenants’ protection campaigns. Steve was elected CHAIN’s president, and in 1980, while being vastly outspent, co-managed a landmark ballot measure campaign, defeating a landlord-sponsored repeal of local rent controls.

In 1982, Steve took a position in the State Capitol as press aide to Leo McCarthy, who was elected lieutenant governor that year. As Lieutenant Governor McCarthy’s press secretary, Steve worked with the statewide media on issues and elections, including the 1988 presidential race where Steve served as the California Press Secretary during the presidential and senatorial elections.

During this time, Steve earned a Masters Degree in Communications Studies at Sacramento State, studying the theoretical basis for his advocacy work.

Following the 1988 election, Steve founded Stephen K. Hopcraft Communications Consulting. Hopcraft Communications principally serves nonprofit and public interest organizations, including labor unions, and state ballot measures, and public education campaigns.

Our Mission

Our mission has been to do good things, with good people and have a good time doing it. Our first client was the Oceanic Society, an ocean-conservation organization. In twenty years Hopcraft Communications has helped dozens of progressive policy efforts and nonprofit groups. We bring experience and enthusiasm to our progressive issues advocacy. We’ve earned a reputation for dedicated, creative work. A California political newsletter wrote that the media cover Hopcraft’s clients “in self-defense” – due to our dogged persistence in seeking media coverage and public support.

Raised on student protests, trained by the farmworkers’ union’s best organizers, and working for thirty years on California campaigns, Steve brings a diverse arsenal of skills to his clients’ communications challenges. Let Hopcraft Communications give voice to your cause.


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