What former clients and experts say about us.

“Steve is exceptionally imaginative and creative. He excels at grabbing the public’s attention.” — Lieutenant Governor Leo McCarthy (1983-1995)

Steve Hopcraft is a “veteran political operative.” — Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee

“Hopcraft Communications is an essential component of a successful strategy to effect political change on issues and laws in the state of California.” — Donne Brownsey, Senior Vice President, Sacramento Advocates

“Hopcraft [is] an intense crusader…” — Bud Lembke and Larry Lynch, Political Pulse

“Hopcraft Communications helped us defeat Proposition 199, even though we were outspent over 4 to 1. It was an incredible effort.” — Dave Hennessy, California Mobilehome Resource & Action Association

“Steve Hopcraft and Associates are creative, determined, committed. No stone goes unturned, no opportunity ignored.” — Will Shuck, Chief of Staff to Assemblywoman Patty Berg, author of Death with Dignity and Terminal Patients’ Right to Know legislation, California

“Consultant Steve Hopcraft’s (No on Prop. 199) :60 sec. radio spot was brilliant…” — Dick Rosengarten, California Political Week


  • California Political Week’s (CALPEEK) Best Radio Spot
    No on Prop. 199 – 1991
  • California Political Week’s (CALPEEK) Big Win on a Small Budget
    No on Prop. 199 – 1991
  • American Lung Association, Clean Air Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Citizen Group – 1995
  • California Coalition for Childhood Immunization, Special Recognition -1996
  • California Political Week’s (CALPEEK) Best Radio Spot
    Yes on Prop. 210 – 1996
  • Measles Kids, “No Measles on our Kids” Award – 1997
  • Vision and Leadership Award, Californians for Solar and Clean Energy - 2008
  • Roberts Family Development Center Hero Award, In recognition of continued support and advocacy on behalf of Sacramento’s children and families – 2004-2009


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